Thursday, December 9, 2010


for any of my 9,000 readers, if you were wondering, these are a few things that i would love so dearly to find under the christmas tree. thank you in advance my sweet sweet loves.
i neeeeed one of these, and if that sounds whiny then so be it!
but seriously, i have been without a computer for so long! it's wearing on me and i'm trying to tell myself that i can deal with a pc but then i remember the sweetness of my old mac before it bit the dust and i know .. i just KNOW, i need this one. preferably the 15 inch.
i don't know anything about cars and i don't necessarily want a honda but I DO want a car and I DO want it to be dependable and run for the rest of forever and I DO want everything in the car to work and I DO want it to be cute. and that's that.
and this guy. i want him.
frye boots.
this movie
and this movie.
or any pair of kickface boots.
and this is what i probably want/need the most. new bedding! preferably, something pretty and plenty soft on the skin.

this isn't the end .. merely the beginning (:
xo ho ho!

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