Thursday, May 26, 2011

So here is an update that I've been keeping kind of private, obviously if someone asks me I tell them but I mostly try to find ways around it ..
See the thing is ...
I'm quite technically being the biggest mooch I've ever been in my entire life! Right now, I'm living with my sister(sweetest, loveliest, kindest, prettiest, most creative, most generous, most delightful, etc. lady), which doesn't sound bad, obviously, but the real story is that this weekend rendezvous has turned into a 2 month holiday! I was only supposed to be between apartments for the weekend and then I would've been totally not sleeping on their couch and eating their cereal but I backed out of the apartment because commitment scares me ... maybe?
Honestly I don't think i could stomach living in Provo for any longer. If I was going to BYU or had a family or something I'm sure it would be fantastiiic (in your best singing Mary Poppins voice), but seriously, this place is killing my soul. Don't ask for specifics because I really can't give any. Ok, ok, maybe it's all the Peter's and Molly's that are scaring me away.
But alas! Finally a solution! I will be moving back to Salt Lake soooooon! As in 3 days from now! Ok, just kidding, 3 weeks from now.
I lived downtown for almost two years! It's a very pleasant place to ride bikes and go to farmers market and see concerts. Perfect for a girl like me who can't possibly manage meeting one more BYU student who's never had a job or a returned missionary who can't escape the jncos (gag). Ok, ok so i've only met a couple. But one can never ever be to careful when it comes to safety.

ta ta

p.s. I rarely ever read posts that have obviously forgotten to insert their pictures! So i'm mostly banking on none of you 12 followers to read this.

Thank you's


  1. Totally feel the same way about Provo. Gag me with a spoon. Luckily I only had to endure it 4 years and was able to make the break back up here to Seattle. Glad you are headed to more liberal waters. Nice to find your blog. Guess this makes me lucky # 13?

  2. Ha, thanks for the support and for following!

  3. Number #14 here! I'm hoping you're ok with my printing out this entry and carrying it around to show to any number of well-meaning LDS folk who don't understand why I dislike/loathe completely the very idea of Provo. I can never seem to spell it out just right and often come off sounding like I hate my own kind (which as you know could very well be the ultimate sin by Mormon terms). Congrats and good luck with the move!

  4. Wow, thank you for following! But mostly thank you for understanding! I was really really hoping that no one would take offense and that i could convey that it's just not the place for me. Thanks for reading!

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