Monday, July 4, 2011

I must travel! I have always wanted to but recently I've become more antsy and longing for such adventures as sleeping in hostiles and taking trains. Oh how dreamy and whistful.
Not to mention the clock is ticking my friends. I will be 22 this fall and with no college education or stamps in my passport I am well behind many of my peers!

This sounds incredibly contrary to what I've been saying if you've talked to me recently but this is different I tell ya! I would love nothing more than to have a place to call home, but I still need to explore! Duh. 
Therefore, this is the plan. As soon as I find a job I will be saving half of every paycheck (permitting there is still enough left to pay for gas to get me up the mountain)
And then, there are a few options.
1. I can meet Katie and Cajsa in Paris next spring ... oh gosh it almost brings tears to my eyes.
2. I can go by myself and wander around and end up where ever the heck I want
3. Convince some friends to come with me and wander around and end up where ever the heck we want. And really? Who isn't gonna want to join me on such an expedition. I bet my mom would even come.
Where do you come in? Welp, next time you see me in Nordstrom's or Gap or the D.I. I want neeeed you to march right up to me and say get the heck outta here you crazy cheek!
The end.
p.s. real fast, btw, jsyk (just so you know) Mason Jennings Pandora radio station is straight killing me right now. I don't know if I've ever been so deep in love with a group of similar artists before, but right now, I am.
Until next time then.

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