Sunday, March 28, 2010

much ado

Hello there, as i promised here are a few pictures from california and these are the basics.

Driving in cars.

In n Out (:

Going to the beach, this is my pretty friend Amy.

And making new friends, this is Franny and Eddy, Amy is old news <3.

Next, we have the festival of colors, i promise that i have never been so dirty in my whole life but it was an amazing time and i'm uber excited to go again next year.

This is in the beginning when we first got there ... soo clean.

This isn't even the end, we get more dirty ... surprising! Also somebody threw chalk in my mouth, so rude.

This is my new friend Jordan. A very intelligent lady was selling her girl scout cookies right outside the festival and she was all out of samoas so we decided to settle for tagalongs which are bueno as well.

This is probably my favorite picture from the whole event. A crazy hippie and Krystle and i, i have to say that i finally felt like i belonged! ha

Anywho all is well on the homefront, i'm just trying to get everything ready so i can move to california in a week, there is so much to do and i'm starting to get a little nervous but i know i'll be happy in the end.



  1. Jackie!! This is your cousin Hannah!! You have a blog!! I love the pictures!!!
    love you!!!!
    love, hannah jane

  2. WHAT!!!!! I thought you were going to Texas.

  3. people who have blogs usually update them.