Saturday, April 17, 2010

back again, back again

so here i am, back in sunny california (:
i have a nice little babysitting job, just for a few weeks though, this lady just had a baby so i'm helping out with her other four children. she's real nice and we could fit our whole pasco house inside of her dining room/entry way. try not to be too jealous, because there's nothing worse than someone who is totally sweet and nice and skinny and a mother of 5 suuuper cute kids one of which was only born a week ago, nothing.
that's that and i have a couple interviews next week and possibly an almost free place to live which i would be more than ecstatic about.
i also know the rules about not working all the time so kelsey (my super sweet friend who is letting me stay with her while she's here on break) have been going to the beach .. a lot and i love it here. the end.

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