Monday, May 10, 2010


Things are running smoothly here, I have a sweet little room in a sweet little house with sweet little roommates. The fella of the house is Ken Virgin, have you ever seen the movie Up? .. this is what he looks like but with a permigrin, I like it.

They are out of town right now so it's up to me to hold down the fort, and I am don't you worry about that. There is one problem though .. I'm scared of the dark .. so I come home and get in bed, no time to brush my hair (sorry mom, biggest bird's nest you ever saw on top of my head in the morning) I have to curl in a ball under the covers. What am I scared of!? I have no idea, just that I get creeped out being in this house all by my lonesome .. in the dark and the only escape I have is my unusual ability to sleep harder and heavier than a hippo out of water.

-ciao for now!

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